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Threat intelligence for Web3

A single platform for proactive and reactive risk management, built for wallets, funds, protocols & communities

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Detect phishing attacks, wallet drainers, rug pulls, malicious domains before signing a transaction. Open-source
Real-time monitor
Receive real-time alerts for security & financial risks on protocols and pools, both before and during incidents. Zero time to setup
On-chain automation
Integrate with our smart contracts, build custom strategies, rebalance your positions. Built for the account abstraction era. Fully open-source

Why Arda?

Ease of Integration
Integrate with our APIs, add our discord bots and leverage our integrations on Telegram and Slack to get alerts wherever you are
High Signal
Provide real-time, proactive security alerts to your customers. Low false positives, no FUD and high accuracy on backtesting
Extensive Coverage
Our detection platform catches security and economic risks, before and when they happen. Works across protocols, saving you time and money

Use cases

Surface transaction risks to your customers before they sign
Cover different kinds of EIP-712 message signing formats
Unified API to get security and economic risks with counterparties
Enable dynamic execution time risks, that most audits do not cover
Get alerts on anomalous behaviour in your pools
Monitor your dependencies like oracles and bridges
Monitor your exposure to protocols and tokens and get alerted on threats
Set rules with thresholds on protocols to monitor
Access out-of-the-box alerts on protocol metrics and portfolio risks like impermanent loss, liquidation risks, stablecoin depegs, etc.

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