DeFi Yields API

Enable your customers to access high yield DeFi products in a single API

Acquire new Customers

Increasing access to global financial products can bring the next million users to your platform

Increase Revenue

Monetize deposits and split yield with customers

Improve Retention and Engagement

Your customers can stay on your platform and get better yields

Empower Customers

High yields, no lock-ins, same-day withdrawals and no withdrawal fees

Compete with other fintech & crypto products

Get in-line with other fintech and crypto exchanges and provide innovative products that your customers want

Built for

Fintech companies

Build new fixed-income high-yield products

Crypto exchanges

Provide access to yields on BTC, ETH and 30+ cryptocurrencies


Enable interest-bearing capabilities on the wallet accounts of your customers

Why Arda

Everything in a single API. Less hustle, more control